Dry Brushing 101

This age-old practice is a lesser known healthy beauty hack that lets you improve your internal health and outward appearance simultaneously.

It is especially beneficial during the cold months of winter, when your skin is more susceptible to drying out, and pores tend to get clogged under longer layers of clothing. Here’s what you need to know about this therapeutic technique.

What Is It?

Dry-brushing is exactly what it sounds like – when practiced correctly, it is a daily brushing of almost your entire skin’s surface with a dry, stiff-bristle brush.

Health Benefits

First and foremost, dry brushing is an amazing exfoliator. The act of brushing your skin with a firm but pliable (and hopefully natural) bristle brush sloughs off dead skin cells, and therefore unclogs pores, better than just about any other method. Dry brushing also boosts circulation and blood flow, resulting in a detox of the body and a detox and draining of the lymphatic system. Lastly, not to be overlooked, dry brushing stimulates the nervous system, making it an ideal addition to your morning routine.

How to Dry Brush

Try to schedule this process before a shower, so you can wash away dead skin cells afterward. Begin on dry skin at the feet and ankles, and start making long, fluid strokes in an upward motion. It’s fine to overlap when needed, but try not to overdo it or irritate your skin. Follow this process up your limbs and up your torso and back. Brush strokes should move toward the heart to encourage proper blood and lymphatic flow. Always lighten pressure or even avoid highly sensitive areas.

woman dry brushing the skin on her legs


Dry brushing is a simple, natural, time-tested, and therapeutic method to improve not just your skin’s appearance but also your skin’s (and total body’s) health!

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