5 Types of Body Scrubs

Who doesn't love a good scrub?

A body scrub is an indulgence that works wonders for your skin by improving circulation and clearing away dead cells through exfoliation to promote cellular regeneration. Whether choosing one off a spa menu or picking from the shelf, the key to harnessing a scrub’s most beneficial effects is choosing a natural abrasive that works best for your needs. Here’s a quick guide to some of the most common types of body scrubs with natural abrasives!


Sugar scrubs are great for sensitive skin and normal to dry skin. This is because they are gentler than their salty counterparts, and their abrasive grains are usually smaller and smoother. Sugar itself is also a natural humectant – that means it works to contain moisture and hydrate skin. Sugar is also a source of alpha hydroxy acid and glycolic acid, both of which work as chemical exfoliants and encourage faster cell turnover.



Salt scrubs are likely the most effective exfoliator, as they tend to be the most abrasive. They’re great for oily skin and troubled, acne-prone areas as well. This is because salt wicks excess oil away from the skin and has natural antiseptic properties which kill blemish-causing bacteria. The sulfate and magnesium found in salt can also detoxify and reduce inflammation.



As a natural stimulant, coffee is an effective ingredient for amplifying the cellulite-fighting effects of scrubs. It also helps to stimulate faster cell regeneration and improves skin’s tone and texture. The caffeine in coffee actually works to tighten skin and decrease inflammation by restricting surface blood vessels. Not to mention, its aromatic properties are therapeutic.



In addition to their natural exfoliation benefits, different combinations of herbs can soothe, invigorate, heal, tighten, or detox skin. From rosemary to lavender, the effects of an herbal scrub are determined by which herb is used. Because the plant-based, softer material of dried, crushed herbs is what acts as the abrasive material (or at least a supplement to another abrasive such as salt
or sugar), these scrubs tend to be gentler.

Grain, Fiber, Nut & Seed

For the most part, these exfoliants include items such as oatmeal, berry fibers, ground nut shells or seeds, and other plant-based abrasives. These tend to come jam-packed with antioxidant and moisturizing properties, so they are a wonderful therapy for excessively dry or damaged skin.


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