Winterize Your Skin

Staying Moisturized and Flake-Free

When it comes to winter wreaking havoc on your skin, sometimes it’s a perfect storm. Skin-drying soaps, steamy showers, and the shock of frigid outdoors to balmy indoors makes skin parched and pallid. With winter upon us, follow these foolproof tips to stay flake-free and keep your skin moisturized and luminous.

1. Crank up the humidifer.

With heat blasting all winter, moisture gets sapped from your skin. Get a humidifier so that a constant stream of moist air can infiltrate your home. You can even opt for a small bedroom version. If you don’t have one, they can be purchased for a reasonable price at most big box stores. 


2. Be strategic about lotion application.

Slather it on as soon as you hop out of the shower so that you lock in the moisture before it starts to evaporate. While we’re on the topic of moisture, make sure to get a thick body cream or body butter in winter, and consider switching to a more heavy duty face moisturizer in the colder months as well. 

moisturizer swipe

3. Take care of your lips.

Cold, windy weather can chap lips, as can breathing through your mouth when your nose is stopped up. Try using a gentle, moisturizing exfoliant on your lips each night to softly scrub away any dry skin.

lip mask

4. Stick to showers.

Baths are a super relaxing respite from the day, plus they’re the perfect way to chase the chill of a frigid day away. But, if you’re concerned about dry skin in the winter, you might want to refrain from daily baths and opt for a shower instead. Baths open your pores, allowing the moisture in your skin to evaporate. When you do take a bath, keep it short and use a moisturizing cleanser.

shower nozzle spraying water

5. Opt for an overnight mask.

Give your face a moisture surge by using an overnight mask at the first sign of tight, dry, dull, or flaky skin. Choose overnight masks that are infused with natural moisturizers like avocado oil to hydrate your skin. 

overnight mask

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