women in a fitness class holding up their exercise balls

Get on The Ball

In a world filled with fancy fitness equipment, it might surprise you that there is little that works your whole body better than an exercise

woman doing kickboxing


What to Know Before You Go Have you ever had so much pent up stress that you just wanted to punch something? Luckily, there’s an

couple biking

Relaxing Workouts

Alleviate Stress Through Exercise Sometimes you may hit the gym in a frenzy, using the few spare moments in your day for a quick workout


Boost Your Bottom

Incorporate these moves for max muscle building – right where you want it. There’s no denying that voluptuous backsides are en vogue. While some are

woman jump roping

Get Fit With a Jump Rope

Hop, Skip, and Jump Your Way to Better Health Sure, it’s a playground favorite, but jump roping can have major exercise benefits well past recess.

woman having a well rounded workout

Your Well-Rounded Workout

5 Elements of the Perfect Exercise Regimen It’s good to work hard, but why not work smart, too? If your workout plan isn’t well-rounded, your exercise may be

Woman doing yoga

At-Home Yoga Poses

Guided Yoga Workout for Home Calling all yogis! Local yoga instructor Jessica Jollie of Yoga Landing shared some of her top moves with us. Here are three poses to

woman doing water aerobics

Water Aerobics

You don’t have to be a pro swimmer to get fit while making a splash. Water fitness, or water aerobics, is a great fitness option for

senior couple rowing

Row Your Way to Better Health

Rowing in Chattanooga has a rich history. First started in 1876, the city is now home to top rowing teams and rowing events in the

woman stretching at work desk

4 Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

Doing simple exercises at work can keep you more alert and relaxed. Just don’t plan on replacing the traditional form of exercising that you do

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