Relaxing Workouts

Alleviate Stress Through Exercise

Sometimes you may hit the gym in a frenzy, using the few spare moments in your day for a quick workout before jetting off to your next task. Other times you may strive for a stress-free afternoon of kicking back at home. But it doesn’t have to be either-or. Working out relieves stress by releasing endorphins, improving your mood, and helping you keep your calm. Here are six great workouts that combine the heart-pumping exercise you need with a mind-clearing, stress-reducing result.

With ample scenic trails surrounding the area coupled with plenty of downtown bike routes, almost anyone can find a convenient place to bike in Chattanooga. The fresh air and scenic views can clear your mind and reduce stress, and warm summer sunshine (and the vitamin D it provides) can help lift your mood and improve your health, too.

Skating may be for the more coordinated crowd, but how fun does it sound? The ice rink may be long gone, but inline skating is an aerobic exercise that is perfect for summer. Skating burns calories and gets your heart racing, which releases endorphins that make you feel better inside and out. If you feel your skating skills aren’t quite up to par, try an equally fun workout like dancing instead.

Team Sports
Workouts don’t have to be done alone!  Gather friends and family for a game of tennis, soccer, or basketball. It’s a great way to motivate yourself and squeeze a workout into your schedule. Plus,  you’ll work up a sweat, burn calories, and release endorphins.

A fast-paced swim can eliminate tension by forcing you to concentrate your thoughts on your body’s movements. Slowing down the pace of your swim makes for a relaxing and serene workout that also builds endurance, muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, and more.

Choose from Zumba, barre, jazzercise, or any type of dance that gets your body moving. Dancing is an aerobic, high-energy workout that accelerates the heart rate. When the heart rate is increased, your body will release feel-good endorphins. After you’re done dancing, you can carry those good feelings with you well into the rest of your day.

If you need a major stress reliever, kickboxing might be the ticket. Frustration and anger can be taken out on the punching bag, and all the kicking and punching can help build coordination, balance, and flexibility. It’ll get your heart pumping and help you leave any bad energy at the door.

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