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Boost Your Bottom

Incorporate these moves for max muscle building – right where you want it.

There’s no denying that voluptuous backsides are en vogue. While some are born with one, others might have to do a little extra work in the gym to achieve the backside they’ve seen on TV. For those who fall a little flat, we spoke with Chris Oakley from Iron Tribe Fitness, who told us about three moves that can boost your bottom.


For a full-body workout that also lifts your bottom, go for squats. “You’d have a hard time naming one muscle that isn’t working in a squat,” Oakley says. “You’re not just working the backside, you’re working everything.” Keep your spine straight, don’t let your knees go past your toes, and plant your feet firmly on the ground. You can do air squats or add weight.


 “Lunges are always a good workout for the backside. Doing them with weights can have a big impact,” Oakley says. 


To do a basic lunge, take a step forward, then lower your body by flexing the hip of your front leg until your back lower leg rests on the ground. Be sure not to drop your chest or let your front knee go past your toes. Add weights to the workout once you’re comfortable. Over time, the result will be a sculpted, round bottom.


Deadlifts are an ideal way to make your bottom tight, toned, and firm. Stand over a barbell with your feet hip-width apart and slightly bend your knees. Keep your back flat, and bend at your hips to grab the barbell. Then keep your arms relaxed and lift your torso up. Oakley cautions that deadlifts can put you at risk of injury if done incorrectly. “If no one is watching, you’ll definitely want to be careful and know what you’re doing beforehand,” he says.

Can you lose it?

It’s a common question – once you’ve built up your bottom, can you lose it if you stop working out? Oakley says yes. “Anything you don’t use, you’re going to lose. There’s never really a point where you can stop working out,” he says.

Chris Oakley
Managing Partner, Iron Tribe Fitness - Northshore Location

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