Haute Hats

eros hat co.

One-of-a-Kind Creations from EROS Hat Co. Sunny spring days are the perfect excuse to don a stylish hat, and EROS Hat Co. is here to supply the hat of your dreams with its premier custom hat bar experience. Get creative with the countless combinations available and pair your creation with the shop’s permanent jewelry or […]

Must-Have Mother’s Day Gift Guide

wendy clark mug

Whether you’re aiming to send a helpful hint to your husband, buying for your own mother, or just recognizing a special mother in your life, here is our collection of unique gifts from local stores that are sure to make any mother feel cherished and celebrated. Wendy Clark Mug Plum Nelly Shop – $45 each […]

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe neutral clothes hanging on a wrack

If you feel overwhelmed by the options in your closet, but still can’t seem to find outfit combos that work, downsizing to a capsule wardrobe might be the solution for you. Capsule wardrobes consist of a limited number of versatile clothing items. A foundation of timeless basics partnered with a few statement pieces can make […]

Makeup Routines 101

makeup products exploding out of a bag

When it comes to makeup routines, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. How you decide to wear your makeup should be all about having fun, getting creative, and feeling beautiful, but there are still some foundations that will help set you up for cosmetic success. Read on for several ways to stay safe and get the […]

Skincare as You Age

A Decade-by-Decade Guide to Refining Your Routine It should come as no surprise that your skin changes as you age, and so should your skincare routine. While certain practices are encouraged all your life – hello, sunscreen! – others will vary from decade to decade. Here, we’re breaking down how to build your best skincare […]

Stripes: A Style Staple

Model for Stripes: A Style Staple

Local Boutiques Showcase Their Favorite Stripes Stripes have long been touted as a style staple, and it’s easy to see why. This timeless pattern offers endless possibilities when it comes to adding visual and even textural interest to your wardrobe. Here, local boutiques showcase this versatility, demonstrating how all types of stripes can elevate an […]

Body Piercings 101

Ear Piercings

Maybe your daughter just asked to get her ears pierced, or maybe you are considering getting a second set. Whether for your own safety or a loved one’s, there are a number of things to know before committing to a body piercing. Read up on some important safety tips below! 1. Go to a trained […]

Nail Polish Removers that Get the Job Done

Nail Polish Removers

Who doesn’t love to shop for a brand-new bottle of nail polish…remover? Despite what you may think, there are tons of options when it comes to nail polish remover, from acetone and non-acetone-based formulas to creams, wipes, and pens. Here, we’ve compiled a few of our favorites that will have you prepped and ready for […]

5 Habits to Avoid for Healthy Skin

Woman with healthy skin with green background illustration

How to Maintain a Glowing Complexion Your skin is your largest organ, and it can also be the most complicated to care for. Yet there could be parts of your daily routine that are harming your skin, however unintentionally. If you’ve developed any of the following habits, keep reading to learn how to make a […]

Wedding Guest Outfits

Wedding Guest Dress Feature Photo

Best Dressed Guest The cool weather and stunning backdrop of the fall season create the perfect atmosphere for an outdoor wedding. Check out these wedding guest outfits, curated by local boutiques, that will keep you comfortable in the autumn breeze without sacrificing the style the occasion calls for. We’re falling for these looks! Model: Sydney […]

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