Makeup Routines 101

When it comes to makeup routines, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

How you decide to wear your makeup should be all about having fun, getting creative, and feeling beautiful, but there are still some foundations that will help set you up for cosmetic success. Read on for several ways to stay safe and get the most out of your prized products.

Makeup can be expensive, and it also has a shelf life. In order to not put undue stress on your wallet, take your time exploring the world of cosmetics. Try just a few products at a time, and make sure they work for your routine and skin before purchasing more.

Always apply makeup to a clean face. Even if you washed your face the night before, bacteria can still transfer from your sheets and pillows, so wash your face once more in the a.m. before applying any product.

Try to apply makeup in natural light. Set up your station near a window when possible. If that is not available to you, consider purchasing a magnifying mirror, which can shed light on imperfections that are often hard to see under the shadow-casting light common in bathrooms.

Don’t apply makeup with dirty brushes and sponges. Dirty applicators can introduce bacteria to your skin and can result in breakouts. Plus, having clean brushes will make for a smoother application. This means your makeup will go further, saving you money in the long run! As a rule of thumb, try to clean your brushes and sponges weekly.

This one goes without saying, but don’t sleep in your makeup. Falling asleep with a full face of cosmetics can clog your pores and even make them larger. This practice can also keep your skin from getting the hydration it needs.

Resist the urge to pump your mascara wand. Unfortunately, this is yet another way to have bacteria slip into your products, and the added air can dry your mascara out faster. To evenly coat the wand, try swirling it instead.

Listen to your skin. Know your skin type, and if you notice rashes, breakouts, itchiness, or redness after using a new product, stop using it immediately. Also remember that your skin changes as you age, so it’s okay if your products and routine change too.

When to Replace Makeup

Mascara – every 2 to 4 months
Liquid eyeliner – every 3 months
Cream eye shadow – every 6 months
Pencil eyeliners – every 2 years
Powder eye shadow – every 2 years
Liquid foundation – every 6 months
Powder foundation (and other powders) – every 2 years
Lipstick and lip gloss – every 2 years
Lip liner – every 2 years
Blending sponges – every 2 to 3 months

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