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The Power of Micro Workouts



Do you feel like you’re lagging behind when it comes to your workout routine because of work or life commitments? You’re not alone! When deadlines loom or children get sick, it can feel impossible to dedicate even 30 minutes of time to a structured workout. The good news is that there are some creative ways to fit effective workouts into the small spaces of life. Try incorporating these micro workouts throughout your day to keep your body engaged and at its best.


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Stair Climbing 

If you want to increase your cardio training but don’t have time to hit the gym, find a set of stairs and make a micro workout routine out of them. If you’ve ever played a sport after a long time out of training, you’ll understand why frequent stair climbing is useful – it activates the core muscles in your legs, making them stronger and enhancing your movement. Find a set of stairs with approximately 10 steps and walk up and down them a few times. Gradually build up to quicker steps up and down until you can feel your heart rate increasing. It’s a good idea to take double steps sometimes to strengthen your lateral thigh muscles and calves.  


woman riding her bike to work



Next to running, cycling is one of the best activities you can do to improve your overall health. Cycling is excellent for your cardiovascular system and for improving the strength of your legs and arms. Cycling is also excellent for your joints and flexibility. But how can you find the time? The most obvious way to introduce cycling into your life as a micro workout is to use your bike as often as possible – bike to work, the grocery store, or to visit a friend. Make everyday fitness easy with Specialized e-Bikes that combine the benefits of workouts with transport convenience. 


Woman jumping rope outside her home


Jump Rope Combos

A busy lifestyle isn’t the only reason some people can’t find time for a regular workout routine; sometimes, people are traveling, and there is no chance to get to a gym or carry gym equipment with them. In this case, simply pack a jump rope and learn a micro workout sequence. When you have some time and some space, use the jump rope for a period of one minute. Jump ropes are excellent for your heart rate and your lateral leg muscles. Follow this up with planks, walking lunges, and jumping jacks. Feel the benefits!  


Woman doing squats with a barbell at the gym


Barbell Workouts

If you do have time to get to the gym, one of the best activities is barbell workouts. Barbell workouts are excellent for working all the main muscle groups and strengthening cardio. To get the most out of your time at the gym, start with barbell front squats followed by barbell high pulls, bent over rows, and a barbell deadlift. Work in sets according to your fitness level and your time frame. 


woman's feet running on the treadmill


Micro Runs

Some people love to run; others don’t. However, running is an excellent full-body workout that improves your strength, stamina, and concentration. If you want to run but don’t have time, you could invest in a treadmill, run on the spot, or replace running with side shuffles and squats.  

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