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For teens or adults looking to straighten their smile in a short amount of time while leaving their natural bite intact, FASTBRACES® might be the answer. This treatment plan has been growing in popularity for its ability to cut a patient’s orthodontic timeline nearly in half if they don’t require any jaw or bite correction. Treatment takes, on average, five to 10 months to complete.

Why You Might Need FASTBRACES®

Teeth grow in misaligned when they don’t erupt properly from the gums. They might come in sideways, spaced apart, overlapping, or crooked. The only way to treat malocclusion (teeth that are crowded or crooked), is through braces.

When it comes time to wear braces, there are several options available based on the patient’s budget, timeline, severity of the case, and aesthetic preference. Good candidates for FASTBRACES® will not have jaw or bite issues that need correction.


FASTBRACES® focus on moving the root plus the crown throughout the entire treatment as opposed to the crown first, followed by the root like traditional braces. This allows the tooth to adjust and move more quickly. Brackets are shaped differently than traditional metal brackets and are connected through a more flexible wire. Treatment rarely requires any extractions and instead focuses on creating space for all teeth to fit comfortably in the patient’s mouth.

Benefits of FASTBRACES®

FASTBRACES® can be beneficial for patients who want to improve the appearance of their teeth without affecting their natural bite. For those with busy schedules, FASTBRACES® might be a winning choice, as treatment can be completed with as few as five to 10 visits to the doctor for adjustments.


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