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Tech for Your Health

Throughout the Chattanooga area, our medical community is investing in and utilizing the latest and most advanced technology to provide the best possible care for their patients and improve outcomes.

What follows are just a few of several new medical advancements being provided for important new health care. Among many, their benefits include:

Improved Diagnosis

Advancements in medical imaging are allowing for faster and more accurate diagnosis of disease. With the introduction of 3-D imaging, health care providers have the ability to see areas of concern in exceptional levels of detail. For example, the GALILEOS 3-D CT scanner (featured on page 80) can give your dentist a detailed 3-D view of the teeth and jaws within a matter of seconds.

Less Invasive Treatment

Many new advancements focus on providing an alternative to traditional surgery, which can be hard on the body and lead to longer recovery times. For example, LANAP (featured on page 88) offers dentists a way to treat moderate to severe gum disease without having to surgically cut the gums near the teeth. Additionally, superficial radiation therapy (featured on page 82) offers a way to treat non-melanoma skin cancer without having to make incisions.

Better Results

Thanks to new technologies, certain patients now have access to curative treatments, as well as treatments better poised to achieve their desired outcome. For example, for couples struggling with infertility, comprehensive chromosome screening (featured on page 84) is far superior to standard embryo screening when determining the genetic health of an embryo, making it a highly effective way for certain women and couples to achieve pregnancy. Additionally, for those suffering from tendonitis, percutaneous tenotomy (featured on page 78) is offering new hope as one of the first curative treatments employed to treat this painful inflammatory condition.

Better Patient Education

The ability to use interactive touch screens is changing the way physicians communicate with patients about their health. For example, the Smart Board (featured on page 86) gives ophthalmologists new and improved tools for explaining a diagnosis – offering patients better insight into their own diagnosis than was previously possible.

You don’t have to leave Chattanooga to receive the best treatments our country has to offer. The latest generation of devices and procedures are revolutionizing patient outcomes right in our own backyard. Read on to learn more about six of them.

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