Ask the Doctor: Pinched Nerve

I was recently diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my neck. What type of treatment should I pursue? 

A pinched nerve in the neck is typically accompanied by pain that radiates from the neck into the shoulder and arm, often with numbness and tingling. Frequently, a herniated disc or a bone spur is the cause, and your doctor will make a diagnosis after a physical exam, X-rays, and/or a MRI or CT.For most patients, a combination of simple medications, physical therapy, gentle manipulation, and occasional steroid injections can manage the majority of the pain within a few weeks. For patients with severe and persistent pain, surgery can yield good to excellent outcomes. Today’s surgical techniques include small incisions with quick recovery and minimal restrictions. Artificial disc replacement, a newer technique, may be an option for patients in which only one or two discs are involved.


ATD.Neck2Jay Jolley, M.D. 

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