Cover Models: Susan Eady Flanagan, Lee Anne Werner, & Suzanne Trundle Felts

Meet Our Spring 2022 Cover Models

What started out as a volunteer opportunity has turned into a lifelong friendship for friends Susan, Lee Anne, and Suzanne. The trio originally connected while serving in Junior League of Chattanooga, but didn’t become close friends until years later when they found themselves all taking the same tennis lessons. While physical health and wellness may have been part of what connected them initially, these ladies have now added a layer of emotional well-being to their lives that has been made possible by the true support and friendship of one another. 

What are some valuable traits of the other ladies that make them such an integral part of your support system?

LAW There is great loyalty and trust in our friendship. Susan and Suzanne are both great listeners, encouragers, and have been true friends through all life’s ups and downs.

STF We love being together and sharing our stories, and we always have each other’s backs. Our children were friends growing up, so we always had similar outlooks. 

Susan Eady Flanagan, Lee Anne Werner, and Suzanne Trundle Felts

Why do you think it’s necessary to have a support system in place?

SEF I think it’s important to have friends to cheer you on and encourage you. It’s also good to have someone to confide in and get guidance from when you need it.

LAW It is so important to have special people in your life to whom you can express your honest feelings, voice your difficulties, and bounce ideas off of. You have to be able to pour out your thoughts, problems, and concerns to understanding and sympathetic friends.


What’s the most important thing you’ve taught each other since meeting?

LAW Our families mean the world to us, but we have to carve out time to keep friends in our lives as well. My girlfriends have enriched my life in so many ways. 

STF These girls are so sharp, and they keep me on my toes. Lee Anne has an eye for decorating and style, and Susan is a great leader and organizer. I just tag along in amazement of these two talented girls.


How has your relationship changed through the years?

SEF When we first met, it was more about common interests and having fun. Now, it’s about being there for each other to celebrate happy things but also giving support during hard times while still doing the fun stuff!

LAW We have gone through so many decades now. Our younger years were about raising children and all of the life experiences that came with that. As younger women, we were all about fashion, trends, shoes, hairstyles, trips, and having fun. Having fun is still a priority, but we have gone from shopping for ourselves to shopping for our grandchildren.


How do you approach wellness, both separately and as a group?

SEF I play tennis, golf, pickleball, and work out. As a group, we try to help each other eat healthy, and we all like to go for walks when we travel together.

LAW Our personal health is much more a part of our conversations now. As we age, our health and wellness have become such a priority. We share our own experiences, recipes, advice, and tips.


What are your favorite ways to bond and lift each other up?

SEF We try to meet once a week for lunch to talk and check in with each other. We talk about what our kids are doing, what’s happening in our lives, and just anything that we need to talk about.

STF We have special occasions that we celebrate. We just helped with a wedding shower for Lee Anne’s daughter, Madison! It was so fun to get together with all our good friends to wish her family well with this exciting event.

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