Spring for Clean!

Spring Cleaning Tips from Locals

What is it about the spring that makes us want to purge clothes in our closets and clean the tucked-away corners? Apparently, it’s part of our biology. With more sun exposure during the day, production of our sleep hormone, melatonin, slows down, making us more alert to the dust and clutter we ignored in the winter! To give you a start, we gathered some spring cleaning tips from locals known for their organized and clean homes.

Every spring, I start with my closet. I ask myself several questions: ‘Did I wear it last year?’ If I didn’t wear it, I ask myself, ‘Is it me now?’ If it’s no longer me, I get rid of it; or if it’s nostalgic, then I’ll pack it away with other sentimental things. With the clothes left in my closet, I turn all the hangers backward. Then as I wear each item, I will turn the hanger forward. At the end of the season, I know what I have worn and what I haven’t. We are emotional dressers. We wear clothes based on what we felt like when we wore them before – but we aren’t always aware of those reasons or why we aren’t wearing them now. That’s why it’s important to get rid of clothes from the past, either by donating or putting them in a ‘nostalgic’ closet. If I am not going to wear it today, I don’t need it in front of me, cluttering my thinking. Don’t trip over the things of the past to get to the present.”

Mamas, get a sitter! It’s hard enough to maintain a clean space with little ones running around, but spring cleaning takes more thought and effort. Do yourself a favor and secure childcare away from your home so your mind can focus. Plan ahead by making a schedule and multiple lists. List the chores you know you cannot accomplish on your own, and share the love with someone who can help. Plan those items on a specific day outside of what you can complete. Also, list the tasks that have been bothering you or that you know need attention in addition to deep cleaning. If you don’t have the answers on ’how to’ – research solutions before you begin, so you don’t have to stop and figure it out while you’re in the middle of working.”

I used to be a mess. Now, I am the mother of two young boys, so there is a lot of chaos around me pretty much all of the time. This makes staying organized essential. My tip for people trying to get organized is to pare down and donate. Then, you have less to keep clean and organized. Pay special attention to your kids’ or grandkids’ toys. There’s dirt and grime on them that you shouldn’t forget to clean, and if they haven’t played with the toy in a year or it’s a duplicate, get rid of it! Go through the toys with them, explaining that others might need these toys more than they do. Your kids may surprise you with their giving nature. And it’s also not a bad idea to start them out learning how to clean their toys as well!”

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