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Megan Wise

WDEF News 12 Meteorologist Megan Wise loves a good adventure.

Her outdoor segment, called “Megan Wise Goes Outside,” has taken her from the depths of Raccoon Mountain’s caves to the top of Sunset Rock. We talked to her about some of her favorite outdoor expeditions and how she stays fit in the Scenic City when temperatures rise.

Megan Wise

Q: What’s your go-to exercise routine?

A: I like doing what’s called instinctive training. I chose whatever area I feel needs the most work that day, whether it’s endurance training, strength training, or flexibility. I also really enjoy hot yoga and spin classes!

Q: What’s your favorite healthy item to order at a Chattanooga restaurant?

A: I absolutely love sushi! I would probably eat it every day if I could. I like any kind with lots of avocado in it. 

Q: What healthy outdoor activities do you do during the summer?

A: One of my favorite outdoor activities in Chattanooga is running on the Walnut Street Bridge and along the Riverwalk. It’s such a beautiful area, how can you not go outside and take it all in?

Q: What have been some of your favorite outdoor adventures on “Megan Wise Goes Outside”?

A: Some of my favorites have been whitewater rafting the Ocoee, hang gliding off Lookout Mountain, paddleboarding in the Tennessee River, caving at Raccoon Mountain, and rock climbing on Sunset Rock. All of them were amazing activities to dabble in and great workouts as well!

Q: What about your favorite food to make at home?

A: At home, I make a mean grilled chicken salad. I like to throw in just about everything I can find in my refrigerator. My favorite ingredients to include are walnuts, avocado, hard-boiled eggs, strawberries, blueberries, sunflower seeds, and black beans. And I like to add a little raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  

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