Misa Ankar

Working mom Misa Ankar opens up about taking time for herself, her zesty kitchen crowd-pleaser, and how she stays looking refreshed (even when she isn’t!).

Q: As a busy working mom, what are some of your favorite ways to take time for yourself to ensure a healthy, balanced lifestyle?

A: Most moms will agree that a huge challenge is getting everything done in a day. In the past when I had time to myself, I felt obligated to use it to run errands, catch up on work emails, or do laundry. But now I’ve learned that just because it’s free time doesn’t mean it’s work time! I decided to end each day by doing something for myself, so every night after putting the kids to bed I spend the last few hours either enjoying alone time with my husband, taking a quiet bath, or watching some junk TV! Taking this time to myself truly re-energizes me for the next day.

Cover Model Health Tip!

"Drink lots of water! My goal is at least 10 glasses a day. Also try starting your day with warm lemon water. I think you’ll see the benefits!"
Misa Ankar

Q: Do you have any go-to beauty tips for days you feel exhausted?

misa ankar

A: Whether it’s been a late night out or an early morning showing homes (Misa works as a realtor), nothing is worse than hearing “Oh Misa, you look so tired”! I’ve found a few tips to be effective after nights or days like those:

  • Concealer! If there is one makeup product I cannot live without, it’s a great concealer. You’ll look much more awake by using some directly under your eyes.
  • Apply a touch of highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes to instantly brighten your face.
  • Lastly, dress the part! Nothing says put-together like a fun blazer over any top. You’ll instantly look like you have your act together!

Q: What’s your favorite recipe to make for your family?

A: I grew up eating traditional Middle Eastern food prepared by my mother. I never understood how or why she got such pleasure and pride out of feeding us a home-cooked meal until I became a wife and mom. I often get my children in the kitchen with me to prep dinner, and they love it! Hands down their favorite meals are Middle Eastern, so I’ve learned to adapt traditional recipes to my modern needs by simplifying ingredients, like in this one for baked kifta.

Kifta Recipe

Recipe by Misa Ankar
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Cuisine: Middle Eastern


    • 2 pounds

      lean ground beef, lamb, or turkey

    • 1

      large onion, finely chopped

    • 1 cup

      parsley, finely chopped

    • 2 teaspoons

      each salt, pepper, and all-spice


    • Finely chop onion and parsley, and then mix all ingredients together well.

    • Take portions of the meat and mold them into 3-inch rolls (lengthwise).

    • Place in a baking pan and cook at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes or until brown.

    • Serve in a pita, over rice, or with a tomato and cucumber salad.

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