Georgia O’Brien & Molly O’Brien Tyson

Mother & Daughter


Mother/daughter relationships aren’t exactly known for being easy, but Georgia O’Brien and her daughter, Molly, are redefining expectations. Whether they’re whipping up their family-favorite veggie burgers, watching the same chick flicks over and over, or taking walks around the neighborhood, this pair is always making memories. Molly welcomed her baby boy, Finn, on New Year’s Day earlier this year, and the newest addition to the O’Brien clan has only brought Georgia and Molly closer together. Read on to learn how this dynamic mother/daughter duo take on life together.

Photography by Lanewood Studio


HS What is the fondest memory you’ve shared together?

MT A few years ago, we took a trip to New Zealand. Before we left, we had the option of a cycling vineyard tour or a bungee jumping experience – of course, we chose the vineyard. We ended up driving by the bungee jumpers, and spur of the moment, we decided to do it and tackled that fear together. 
GO That same trip, we spent two weeks driving around the islands. As the mom, I insisted on driving, but it scared me to death! Then Molly decided to take over, and she was so calm and collected – she had it under control (while I controlled the radio). It’s funny to me that we swapped roles a little bit!

HS How has your relationship changed through the years?

GO I’ve been lucky in that we’ve always gotten along pretty well. Now that Molly is a mother, it just gives us more to talk about.
MT We’re spending more time together these days, and I’m constantly looking to her for advice.

HS Georgia, what about Molly makes you most proud?

GO Molly has a strong spirit and a tenacity for finishing what she starts. It really showed up when she was training for an IRONMAN race. We found out afterward that she had to have reconstructive surgery on her ankle – but she finished that race despite the pain! I see that same spirit in the way she’s taken on motherhood.

HS What’s something you’ve learned that’s benefited your relationship?

GO Molly and I aren’t the same, and realizing that has helped me manage these unreasonable expectations that she’ll always think and act like I do. You have to give your daughters the time and space to be who they are, and then appreciate them for their unique qualities. 
MT I think patience is pretty important in a relationship too. The other person might not do something the way you would, but realizing that’s okay and that their intentions are good helps put everything in perspective.

HS How do you approach wellness?

MT Exercise is my outlet. I love to ride bikes or go on a run, anything that gets me outside. At the end of my pregnancy, I started walking more, and now Mom and I have been taking Finn on walks around the block and catching up on all the gossip. 
GO I love to walk. And to be able to walk with Finn, that’s been the most fun!

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