Savanah Stansell

For new mom Savanah, fitness has always been a key component of her life. With nearly 20 years in the world of collegiate volleyball, including the six years she coached at UTC, she is no stranger to a rigorous training program. Now she’s adjusting to life with two young daughters, both under the age of two. Read on to see how she’s maintaining health, wellness, and motherhood.

HS: How did you get into volleyball?

SS: I started playing in seventh grade, and I just fell in love with it. When I had the opportunity to play Division1 volleyball at Ohio University, I jumped at the chance to see more of the country and travel. And all throughout my time playing, I was so inspired by my coaches and really admired them. I eventually thought, ‘I want to be that for someone else!’ which is what led me to coaching.

HS: How did volleyball contribute to your fitness routine?

SS: I was in the gym at least five days a week, and it definitely kept me more focused on my overall health. I learned the importance of eating healthy, because what you put in your body will 100% impact your performance. I also learned the importance of rest and listening to your body, which was key while trying to get back into a workout routine after both girls were born.

HS: How has that routine changed since having your daughters?

SS: It’s still really important to me to continue to be active. I’ve actually discovered a local fitness group that is structured around new moms and their kids. I can do high-intensity interval training classes with my newborn and my toddler in a group of other new moms.

HS: What do you love about that class?

SS It’s really amazing to have that network of mothers to connect with. And it’s great for moms who don’t feel like they have the time to spare away from their kids to get a workout in, because you’re doing it with your kids. I love that the class also incorporates activities to keep my girls entertained the whole time, like singing kids’ songs or blowing bubbles. I also love that my oldest is seeing me be active and prioritize fitness. She loves the classes too and is already so good at all the moves.

HS: What healthy habits have you developed at home for your daughters?

SS: A routine is very important for us, so we’ve worked out a breakfast routine to make sure we get in the habit of enjoying this important meal every day. My oldest daughter loves to make her “green monster” smoothie in the morning, and she puts the spinach in.

HS: Are there any other activities that you and your family enjoy as a way to prioritize your health?

SS: Absolutely! Getting outside, no matter what we’re doing, is our favorite. We would rather spend time talking to each other on a walk around the bridges than sitting at home watching TV together. We take the girls to the park a lot and just take advantage of all the awesome outdoor areas that Chattanooga has to offer.

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