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Alison Lebovitz

Television show host, podcaster, motivational speaker, author, nonprofit executive, wife, and mom of three boys, Alison Lebovitz has her hands full. Though she says she would rather be busy than have nothing to do, she still faces the pressures of work-life balance, health, family, and a high-intensity career. Read on to see how she prioritizes family, stays active and centered, and has learned to tackle it all with a sense of gracious levity.

HS: What is your approach to wellness?

AL: I have to find balance for my whole self or it doesn’t work. I’m not someone who naturally loves to workout. And I’m really not a morning person. But I make myself do it, and eventually my brain catches up with my body. I wake up at 5:45 a.m. about three days a week to do a workout. And I still can’t say that I love it, but I do love that I’m committed to it. Aligned with that is the way we eat. We certainly don’t deprive ourselves of sweets or the occasional glass of wine, but we just know those things can’t happen every day.

HS: How do you enjoy spending time with your family?

AL: We try to have dinner together every night, even if it’s quick. That was something my parents did for me, and I really wanted to make that effort with our family. Our most important meal is Friday night Shabbat dinner. It has become the highlight of all our weeks. We get together no matter what is going on, and our boys can invite friends. So usually Friday night looks like 14 or 15 teenage boys sitting around the table. We also love to travel together, spend time on the lake, and watch Wheel of Fortune. We also have a pretty hysterical family group text! Honestly, we don’t just love each other, we actually like each other.

HS: How do you encourage your boys to be healthy?

AL: You know, we’ve always encouraged them to stay active and try new things. They’re all three very diligent about academics, but after a 10-hour day at school followed by homework, they all have their own ways to take a break and get their bodies moving. Whether it’s shooting hoops in the driveway, skateboarding, or hitting some tennis balls, they’ve all naturally found that balance between physical and mental activity.

HS: What are the traits you most value in yourself?

AL: I think I’m loyal, and that has a lot of interpretations – I’m loyal to people, to my values, to organizations and causes I care about. I like to think that leads me to where I invest my time and my talents.

I also take the work I do very seriously, but I don’t take myself too seriously – I hope I take my ego out of it.

And lastly, I’ve always tried to be open-minded and inclusive. I tell myself, and my boys, it’s easy to be judgmental, but we have to try to understand and empathize with others rather than judge and criticize.

HS: What do you find rewarding?

AL: If my husband, my kids, my parents, and my friends are proud, and if I can bring a little comfort or help or joy or, at the very least, laughter to others, then I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

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