Katie Honeycutt

Now my approach to health is really holistic. I know that if I don’t prioritize my faith, then the health of my mind and my body isn’t going to be where it should.”

HS: How did you get into teaching gymnastics?

KH: Gymnastics came into my life around age three when my ballet teacher told my mom that I had too much energy and gymnastics would be a better fit. So until age 20, I did competitive club gymnastics and high school gymnastics. When I went to college, I really missed it. That’s when I, along with three others, helped launch Co-ed Club Gymnastics for the University of Tennessee. Now I teach different ages and ability levels at a gymnastics school.

HS: You seem to enjoy supporting this area’s youth. How did that begin?

KH: Throughout college I volunteered as a Young Life Leader. I spent time with students, young women specifically, by going to have lunch with them and attending football games with them – just being there for them. I would say that experience showed me how education can help children, mainly through the opportunities it can provide. It’s a big reason why I now work as a middle school counselor.

HS: What is your approach to wellness?

KH: When I was younger, gymnastics sort of took over my life. For most of my childhood, I spent almost all my time in the gym. Parts of that were great, and I grew and learned a lot. But I didn’t realize until it was totally out of my life that I had to re-discover who I was. Once I began to find other interests, I actually began to enjoy club gymnastics a lot more. I started running and doing yoga to gain some variety, and I realized I enjoyed different types of physical fitness. As my faith deepened, I began to see how interconnected our minds, bodies, and souls are.

HS: How have you introduced your children to health and wellness?

KH: We try to do things together as a family as often as we can; we spend a lot of time outside. But also, my husband and I try to allow each other time and space for fitness and health, and I think the kids see that we make it a priority.

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