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Inspired: Sharon Green & Carmen Davis

Women Celebrating Women

The word inspire is defined as the act of filling someone with the urge or ability to do something, and here in Chattanooga, we have no shortage of incredible women who motivate those around them day in and day out.
Whether they intentionally set out to be a role model or random acts of kindness are simply in their DNA, these women are making the world a better place. Read on to learn more about the individuals who encourage others to be the best version of themselves told by those they inspired most.

Carmen, you are a walking inspiration and a consistent advocate for our kids, local artists, and small businesses.”

Sharon Green and Carmen Davis standing together and inspired by one another.

Sharon Green Inspired by Carmen Davis


You know I always say everyone needs a Carmen Davis, but they can’t have mine! Carmen, you are a walking inspiration. You’re a consistent advocate for our kids, local artists, and small businesses. When the pandemic hit, you and a group of friends jumped into action immediately to provide daily hot meals to kids in areas that relied on school meals for food. You are a charter member of a fund that invests in organizations and businesses in the Black community. You’re a big supporter of culinary arts programs for our local high schools. Those kids are afforded the opportunity to work alongside world-renowned chefs. That experience alone is priceless. You also work tirelessly for Teacher Appreciation Week. I’ve watched you work with several schools and local business owners to secure donated breakfasts and lunches for teachers, administrators, and support staff.

I could go on all day about all the things that you do. You don’t do any of it to be recognized. You do it because you believe that “To whom much is given, much is required” (Luke 12:48). Sis, you have inspired me to be more active in our community. It’s impossible to be around you and not get inspired to get in the trenches. I know I’m on three to four boards just from your recommendation, and I love the work we are doing with those organizations. When you call, I simply ask, “Do you need a check, or are we hitting the ground running?”

– Sharon

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