Inspired: Meg Shuptrine & Melissa Kubic

Meg Shuptrine inspired by Melissa Kubic


Without a shadow of a doubt, the Lord directed my every step leading me your way after constant hopelessness and disappointment, battling severe and chronic pelvic floor pain. Little did I know, you would become not just a life changing health provider and advocate but a genuine and most caring friend.

Pelvic floor health for most is an intimidating and a “hush hush” topic. The emotional and physical loss of hope instantly disappeared when I walked into your office the first time we met. Your spirit of calmness and your caring heart gave me hope for the first time with what I was going through. Nearly three years later still being treated by you, I know, no matter what I am going through, you will always be a source of encouragement, hope, and light in my life.

Having a healthcare provider turned into a true and unwavering friend like you is perhaps the biggest blessing throughout this bump in the road. Your character and approach to helping patients is pure and at the end of the day, uplifting. You are an inspiration in how well you care and advocate for others around you. I can never thank you enough for what you mean to me, as well as the wisdom, hope, and peace you have bestowed upon me in a time I needed it most and continue to need.

Thank you for being a genuine friend, advocate, and mentor to me. You are a Godsend for not only myself, but so many others.

- Meg

shuptrine and kubic

Melissa (Left) and Meg (Right)

You are an inspiration in how well you care and advocate for others around you.”

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