Inspired: Marquita Ector & Bebe McLain

Marquita Ector inspired by Bebe McLain


Nine years ago, I reunited with a childhood friend – that friend was you! When my sister and I created our fashion blog, you were one of the first people to jump on board to help support, spread the word, and encourage us on our journey. Thank you isn’t enough to say to you for all the motivation you pour onto me and the community. From being an amazing mom to your children to being a bonus mom to many others, you have a nurturing soul that isn’t taught in a handbook.

You have created businesses and opportunities that have opened doors for others looking to expand their work ethic and change their lives. You are the ultimate entrepreneur and philanthropist, always giving back to the community by hosting back-to-school giveaways, giving free haircuts for kids, and helping clean churches during the pandemic.

Many times people don’t see their own light or give themselves the credit they deserve. You have always spoken that life into others, sometimes not even giving yourself the same credit back. If you see something someone is doing in the community, you always make sure to spread the word and repost the good news. You are always giving people their flowers! I know because you do it for me, so there is no way I wouldn’t do the same for you. You are amazing! Keep doing what you do, and keep letting that big ole light of yours shine. You are more than deserving of what’s coming your way!


marquita ector and bebe mclain
Bebe (Left) and Marquita (RIght)

You are the ultimate entrepreneur and philanthropist, always giving back to the community...”

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