Inspired: Lisa Moore & Wendy Lawhorn

Lisa Moore inspired by Wendy Lawhorn


I often thank God for the amazing person and treasured gift you are to this world. I am so grateful for the genuine grace and love that you bring to my life and to so many others. You fill hearts, inspire minds, and warm souls in so many ways. Your witty and joyful spirit is contagious, your character and goodness are true, your work ethic and loyalty are unmatched, and your generosity abounds.

I love the peace and smiles you bring to my heart, and I equally have the deepest respect for your fierce devotion to your values and your tenacity to stand up for them. Your unwavering faith and mentorship have an incredible influence on my whole family, and your humility and willingness to be vulnerable anchors and guides me. With you, I feel His presence and know I can be my true and best self.

Having a trusted friend like you is a rare and coveted gift, and I am deeply grateful. You are an inspiration, and I am in awe of your beautiful balance of grit and grace. It is an honor and pleasure, that I am most thankful for, to walk through this life with you my dear friend (and soul sister)!

- Lisa

lisa moore & wendy lawhorn

Wendy Lawhorn (Left) and Lisa Moore (Right)

“You fill hearts, inspire minds, and warm souls in so many ways.”

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