Inspired: Leah Hutcherson & Beth Thomas

Leah Hutcherson inspired by Beth Thomas


Since you came into my life over a decade ago, I’ve seen you handle difficulties with incredible grace and humor, selflessly serve those around you, and love on everyone in your life, whether through a home-cooked meal, opening your home, or a beautifully knit blanket. You tirelessly invest in the lives of those you love and give them a sense of belonging when they need it most, never asking for anything in return. You are a constant to those around you through times of loss, sorrow, joy, and growth. 

In a world that often seems devoid of genuine connection and compassion, you exemplify what it means to truly care for others. Your ability to listen attentively and offer words of encouragement and wisdom have been a source of strength for me over the years, from a struggling college student to a mom of three. You are a true friend, mentor, and role model to me, inspiring me to approach life with authenticity, an open heart, and an unwavering dedication to serving others. 

You are truly a gift to me and the many people (and animals!) you’ve touched with your genuine kindness and warmth.

- Leah

leah hutcherson & beth thomas

Beth Thomas (Left) and Leah Hutcherson (Right)

You exemplify what it means to truly care for others.”

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