Inspired: Kayla Bates & Toccora Johnson-Petersen

Kayla Bates inspired by Toccora Johnson-Petersen

Dear Toccora,

I want to first start by thanking you! Thank you for your encouragement and support over the years. Thank you for showing me how much hard work truly pays off. Representation is important and needed for women of color, and you so graciously embody that. You are truly an amazing role model. Your tenacity, passion, and dedication are unmatched. I sometimes just sit back in amazement of all your accomplishments and the way you somehow manage to juggle the many hats you wear: CEO, wife, friend, mentor, and the list goes on. You are so genuine in everything you do. You push me to challenge myself and you believe in me, and for that I am grateful. If I can be half the woman you are, I know I will be okay in this world. Thank you for always advocating, challenging, and cheerleading for me. You have really brightened my professional career and made me a better person. It is truly an honor to be in your presence and witness your greatness. Thank you for caring about my growth professionally and personally the way you do. Continue to shine, and thank you for making a difference in my life.

With love,

Toccora (Left) and Kayla (Right)

It is truly an honor to be in your presence and witness your greatness.”

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