Inspired: Jaleesa Brumfield & Selita R. Brumfield

Women Celebrating Women

The word inspire is defined as the act of filling someone with the urge or ability to do something, and here in Chattanooga, we have no shortage of incredible women who motivate those around them day in and day out. Whether they intentionally set out to be a role model or random acts of kindness are simply in their DNA, these women are making the world a better place. Read on to learn more about the individuals who encourage others to be the best version of themselves, told by those they inspired most.

Photography by Emily Pérez Long


inspired: Jaleesa Brumfield

inspiration: Selita R. Brumfield

As cliché as it may sound, it’s true when they say that not all heroes wear capes. The woman that inspires me does not sit behind a desk. She does not work the typical 9 to 5. But she does hold a very fancy and rather important title: Mom. My mother, Selita Brumfield, has inspired me for my entire life. She is my nurse, psychologist, teacher, chef, party planner, and financial advisor, without ever being asked to be any of those things. My mother’s selflessness is the reason for my success.

My mom is a small town country girl from Tarboro, North Carolina. Despite growing up in a small town, her vision for my future knew no limits. She is always pushing me to dream big. When I looked up and saw the stars, she encouraged me to look beyond and to the moon. When life got tough, she reminded me of the bigger picture and was always there simply to listen. I look forward to our conversations every morning and sharing hilarious TikToks throughout the day.

My mom inspires me to share the same type of love she gives to me with others. She is the true definition of a light in the world. 


“My mom inspires me to share the same type of love she gives to me with others.”

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