Inspired: Cindy Mills & Angie Hullander Stiggins

Cindy Mills, inspired by Angie Hullander Stiggins


I’ve reflected a lot on the strong female leaders who shaped my career in some shape or form. I have been blessed to work with many female leaders during my career who exemplify many of the traits that I now want to pour into others that I have the privilege to mentor myself.

Being surrounded by strong female leaders throughout my career has taught me a lot about the importance of not just a diverse team, but a diverse leadership team, too. It’s something I’ve always felt was non-negotiable when it comes to building an inclusive environment where everyone can feel safe and has a sense of belonging.

You are a leader who is admired by all who work and cross paths with you. You have a deep understanding of how to establish connection with any person or audience, but most importantly, you show your gratitude and appreciation for the people you work with. You are a pro at eliminating tension amongst other leaders and encouraging collaboration. I’ve watched you take steps that others would have found challenging and difficult to ensure that the right people made it onto teams and were supported and empowered along the way. You are tireless in your support and empathy for those you lead and serve.

The ability to be vulnerable, nurturing, and when necessary, assertive in one’s leadership style is the hallmark of a fantastic leader.

Thank you for LEADING the way!

- Cindy

Angie (Left) and Cindy (Right)

You are a leader who is admired by all who work and cross paths with you.”

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