Inspired: Cheri Hudgins & Sharon Kelly

Cheri Hudgins inspired by Sharon Kelly


As a child growing up, you always taught me to be better, do more, never settle, and be the best person I can be. Being a young mother to two girls, you exemplified strength and lured the essence of hope. We maneuvered through the housing system while you completed nursing school, showing my sister and I through your actions to always pursue your dreams and never give up. You eventually became a registered nurse for a local hospital here in Chattanooga and didn’t stop there. After getting an increase in pay from being a CNA to now an RN, you purchased your first house. Later, you started your own business which eventually turned into businesses. You did all of this while fighting for the rights of the elderly and disabled and giving veterans the ability to thrive in their communities. Little did you know, you were teaching me to always fight. Fight for justice, fight for hope, and fight for what you love. I look at you through your aging eyes and still see that mother who I saw taking me to daycare asking me, “How much do you love me” and I would answer, “I love you more than the whole wide world.” That’s because I do. My first best friend, my cheerleader, my encourager, my shoulder to lean on, my inspiration, my mother.

- Cheri

cheri hudgins & sharon kelly

Sharon Kelly (Left) and Cheri Hudgins (Right)

Fight for justice, fight for hope, and fight for what you love.”

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