Health in a Minute: Protect Your Hair From the Pool

A great way to damage your hair this summer is to jump into the pool while it’s still dry. Chlorine bonds easily to hair and can strip it of its natural oils, leading to frizziness, dryness, and eventually, breakage. Here’s what to do to preserve your locks:

  • Before you dive in, find a way to pre-soak your hair with clear water – whether it’s with the hose or through a quick douse in the shower. Hair is porous like a sponge and can only absorb so much water at one time – so if you hair is already damp, it won’t soak up as many chemicals.
  • After swimming, rinse your hair again with clear water. If you are showering and washing your hair, consider using a clarifying or specialty shampoo to remove all traces of chlorine. And don’t forget to condition!

Source: American Red Cross

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