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Health In a Minute: Nail Health & Adult Friendships

Connect the Dots on Nail Health

woman's hands holding a mug with spots on her nails

Have you ever noticed little white lines or dots on your nails? This common condition is called leukonychia. The name may sound grim, but it’s entirely harmless. For some, the spots may be speckled across the nail. Others may experience larger lines that stretch across the length or width of the nail. Most commonly, these marks are caused by an injury to the nail bed. People who frequently use gel or acrylic nails, for example, will see these spots and lines more often. With time, the injury should heal, and the marks will disappear without any need for treatment.

Sometimes white spots can be indicative of an allergic reaction or fungal infection. If you suspect that you may have an allergy, stop using the product you think could be responsible for the reaction. If you continue to experience symptoms, consult your doctor. For fungal infections, a doctor can prescribe oral or topical antifungal medications that will resolve the issue.

How to Make (and Keep) Friends as a Grown-Up

Good friends provide comfort and joy, help to relieve stress, and prevent loneliness. But developing friendships, especially as an adult, can be a challenge. It requires time, vulnerability, and a little self-confidence. Here are some top tips for making new friends and being a better friend yourself.  

illustration of hands with linked pinky finers

Take initiative. Join a club or organization where you can meet regularly, in person or virtually, with people who share your interests. When you encounter someone you like, make the first move. Ask for their contact information and suggest a time and place to hang out outside of the organization.

Be a good listener. Notice if your mind starts to wander during conversation, and bring your attention back to the present moment. Listen attentively to your new friend’s stories, and ask questions to show that you are engaged.

Don’t set expectations too high. Just like with any new relationship, it’s easy to get swept away in the fun. But everyone needs space to be alone or spend time with others. Allow your friendship to grow naturally over time. 

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