Health in a Minute: Kids and Dogs

5 Safety Tips

Even good-natured dogs can be provoked by certain actions. Here are some behaviors to teach your kids to practice around pups—particularly ones they don’t know.

  • Be calm. Never jump or scream around dogs, and never yank tails, pull fur, or poke eyes. Provide a calm environment so the dog will feel at ease.
  • No hugs. Dogs love having their bellies rubbed or their backs stroked. They don’t love being grabbed. Also, avoid patting the top of a dog’s head – they can see this as a threatening gesture.
  • Never sneak up. This can scare dogs and provoke a snarl, so always approach them from the side.
  • Let sleeping (or eating) dogs lie. Many dogs will snap if bothered while eating or sleeping. Let them have their space during their “personal” time.
  • Always ask before petting. Dogs have different temperaments, so you should always ask an owner before petting a dog. If the owner gives permission, make a fist (palm down in case the dog nips) and let the dog come to you.


Little girl playing with dog

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