Health in a Minute: Family Conversation Starters & Bento Boxes

Talk to Me

family conversation starters | Family walking together

Fall can be an exhausting season as you establish new school and work routines, but it’s important to connect with your family – whether it’s over dinner, during the ride home from school, or on a walk around the neighborhood. Here are some fun questions to help get your family talking. 

  • If we all lived in a zoo, which animals would we be and why? 
  • Where would you go if you could fly for a day? 
  • If you had to eat just one food every day for a month, what would it be?
  • What is your favorite scent? 
  • What is your earliest memory? 
  • Would you rather have four arms or four legs?
  • Would you rather have wings for arms or wheels for feet?
  • Would you rather be 10 feet tall or 10 inches tall? 
  • Would you rather be in a zombie or a robot apocalypse? 
  • Would you rather have an extra eye or an extra nose?

Better Lunches with Bento Boxes

Bento Box

Bento boxes began as a traditional Japanese lunch in a wooden box with a balanced meal of rice, meat, and pickled vegetables. Today, they’re a smart, easy way to pack a nutritious lunch for everyone from picky kids to health-conscious grownups. There are lots of reasons to give bento boxes a try:  

  • Bento boxes reduce your plastic footprint by avoiding plastic bags and takeout containers. They’re also easy to clean – many are dishwasher safe. 
  • Separate compartments keep picky eaters happy since no food has to touch! 
  • It’s easy to make lunch look fun with brightly colored fruits and vegetables, and it empowers kids with choices about what they eat and when.
  • Compartments also help control portion size, help cut down on processed snacks, and make meal prep easy.

You can fill your box with whole meals, like pasta, salads, or sandwiches, or you can go for snacks like fruit, nuts, granola, tortilla rollups, and hardboiled eggs. You could also include nut butter, yogurt, or hummus for healthy dips.

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