Health in a Minute: Nighttime Allergy Relief

Nighttime Allergy Relief 

If allergy symptoms disturb your sleep at night, some simple changes to your sleeping environment might help you find relief. Experts from the Cleveland Clinic say that if you are allergic to dust mites, mold, pollen or pet dander, you need to pay special attention to keeping your sleeping space clean and free from allergens. Use the following tips to keep your bedroom as dust- and clutter-free as possible:

  • “Lock down” your bedding.  To keep dust mites at bay, use zippered covers for your pillow, mattress, and box springs.
  • Avoid carpeting. Hard flooring is best so a damp mop can trap dust particles that settle to the floor.
  • Use window blinds. Use blinds rather than curtains to cover windows, since heavy draperies and upholstered curtains collect dust.
  • Wash stuffed animals. These are a commonly over-looked breeding ground for dust mites.

Cleveland Clini

woman having nighttime allergies in bedroom

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