Health in a Minute: Audiobooks & How Often to Clean

Have You Heard?

You may have been told that listening to audiobooks is somehow cheating when it comes to reading, or that physical books are better for your brain. However, science tells us that the same cognitive and emotional parts of your brain are stimulated whether you use your ears or your eyes. If that’s not enough to sell you on audiobooks, there are plenty of other benefits. 

Audiobooks offer a break for your eyes by giving you a chance to look away from screens, and can even help you sleep better by avoiding the negative effects of blue light right before bed. 

Multitasking by listening to a book while driving or doing other tasks makes you feel more productive and in control of your life – and may make those dreaded chores more bearable.

health in a minute late summer 2022 | illustration of audiobook with airpods

Listening to audiobooks can also help improve your mood by distracting you from negative thought patterns – sweeping you away to another world or a different experience.

While there are many advantages of audiobooks for adults, there are even more benefits for kids and teens. Listening to audiobooks builds vocabulary, pronunciation, reading comprehension, and listening skills, which are crucial to success in school and in life. This is especially helpful for folks with dyslexia and other learning differences who may find reading physical books difficult and anxiety-inducing.

Household Cleanup

Spring cleaning your whole house may only happen once a year, but there are plenty of household items you should be replacing more often.


Bed Sheets: Every 2 years

Bed Pillows: Every 2 years, but wash them every 6 months


Toothbrushes: Every 3 months

Bathmats: Every 2 years

Toilet Brushes: Every 6-12 months

Shower Curtain Liners:
Every 3 months

Bath Towels:
Every 2 years

health in a minute late summer 2022 | cleaning supplies


Sponges: Monthly

Olive Oil: Every 2 years 

Herbs/Spices: Yearly, or sooner if they’ve lost their aroma or taste

Product/Appliance Manuals: You can toss these immediately – most companies put them online, so no need to clutter your kitchen catch-all drawer

Water Pitcher Filters: Every 2 months
or 40 gallons

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