Balanced: Yolanda Johnson

Counter the Impact of Life’s Many Demands With Intentional, Restorative Practices

A life of balance looks different for everyone. For some, completing a hard workout and eating a nourishing meal may be soothing and restorative.

For others, updating a personal budget and meeting up with friends for a night of enriching conversation might be just what the doctor ordered. In this series, we celebrate the many ways through which we can come to centeredness by spotlighting women who are intentional about cultivating joy and balance through their own unique practices.

Spend Time With Family

I’m a huge advocate for family. I enjoy being married to my wonderful husband of 22-and-a-half years and spending time with my children and other family members. When our children were growing up, teaching them about God was important, and having a place to worship was equally important. We made sure that table talks and family dinners were weekly engagements for us. It really helped to set the atmosphere for our household and kept us together as a solid family unit.

Get Your Exercise

I enjoy working out. Although the results bring me joy, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with work, family, and exercise. I try to maintain a consistent regimen in hopes of staying healthy and rejuvenated. Whether it’s through an intense strength and conditioning workout, a long walk, or a short jog, I try to maintain my endurance. Exercise is also a great way to relieve stress.

Advocate for Families

My motto is “Family Matters: Restoring Families, Faith, and Freedom.” I enjoy seeing families together thriving as a unit, and acting as an advocate for families brings a warmth to my heart that I find very motivating. My desire to serve families comes from my upbringing and the work I’ve done for the past 17-and-a-half years of my life. I plan to continue advocating for families, faith, and freedom as we continue to face the many struggles threatening the family unit in today’s society.

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