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Balanced: Heather DeGaetano

Counter the Impact of Life’s Many Demands With Intentional, Restorative Practices

A life of balance looks different for everyone. For some, completing a hard workout and eating a nourishing meal may be soothing and restorative.

For others, updating a personal budget and meeting up with friends for a night of enriching conversation might be just what the doctor ordered. In this series, we celebrate the many ways through which we can come to centeredness by spotlighting women who are intentional about cultivating joy and balance through their own unique practices.

Heather DeGaetano in Balanced

Exercise Daily

I exercise every day because it makes everything else in my life less stressful. This means that I sometimes go on a long walk at 9 p.m., or that I work out during lunch, or that I walk on the treadmill while taking calls and listening to Zoom meetings. It also means that I often do a core strength video when I take a quick break rather than doing something more fun, like getting coffee. My goal is to just fit exercise in whenever I can.

Get a Full Night’s Sleep

I’m fairly religious about getting enough sleep, and I’m lucky that I have enough flexibility to make this happen. This isn’t always easy, and I think you have to be intentional about it. This means that I often go to bed before the rest of my family, or I sleep in a little longer than they do. I’m also not afraid to take a 15-minute nap when I’m working from home.

Create a Great Team

Professionally, I try to be sure my team is made up of calm, creative people who stay cool in a crisis. I’m really lucky that my current team is very much this way. We talk often about how curiosity is the trait we like to hire for most in our team. This means that rather than stress out in times of crisis, we look for the “why” and ask good questions to help understand what happened. Sometimes, we can even laugh about it together! This is just so valuable in the people we work with all day long.

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