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Balanced: Cassandra Tucker

Counter the Impact of Life's Many Demands With Intentional, Restorative Practices

A life of balance looks different for everyone. For some, completing a hard workout and eating a nourishing meal may be soothing and restorative.

For others, updating a personal budget and meeting up with friends for a night of enriching conversation might be just what the doctor ordered. In this series, we celebrate the many ways through which we can come to centeredness by spotlighting women who are intentional about cultivating joy and balance through their own unique practices.

Find joy in simplicity.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that less is more. So, I keep it simple. I don’t always have to book the next flight to some exotic place to experience joy. I enjoy the luxuries of the things readily available, such as evening strolls on one of Chattanooga’s beautiful trails, or sometimes I sit on my porch listening to the birds sing and enjoy being present.

Take naps.

Let’s face it – with life’s busyness, most of us don’t get the proper amount of rest. And the perfect cure for this is napping! Anytime I’m feeling overwhelmed, sluggish, or just not myself, I take a nap. I kick the guilt of feeling lazy to the curb and find myself a quiet space to catch a moment of z’s. When I awake, I feel rejuvenated, recharged, and less stressed. Napping does wonders for the mind, body, and soul.

Declutter often.

Clutter often leads to unwanted stress. To combat clutter, about once a week I take time to go through the mail and recycle what’s not needed. I also make it a point to donate things I’m no longer using. I give thanks to those items and allow them to be a blessing to someone else. Getting rid of unwanted items leads to a happier, clutter-free living space. And to add a bit of ambiance to my home, I light a candle or some incense. Oh, what a difference.

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