Balanced: Ali Whittier

Counter the Impact of Life’s Many Demands With Intentional, Restorative Practices

A life of balance looks different for everyone. For some, completing a hard workout and eating a nourishing meal may be soothing and restorative.

For others, updating a personal budget and meeting up with friends for a night of enriching conversation might be just what the doctor ordered. In this series, we celebrate the many ways through which we can come to centeredness by spotlighting women who are intentional about cultivating joy and balance through their own unique practices.

Ali Whittier

Schedule Time to Move

I’m a competitive cyclist outside of my career in communications, but I schedule workouts like I would any meeting. Riding my bike outside brings me joy and gives me time to reflect, so I try to make that happen. It’s not always perfect, but at minimum, I try to get up from my desk and walk around or stretch. Getting some type of movement in each day keeps me energized and focused, even if I feel worn out from stress.  

Stay on Top of Sleep

I’m a big proponent of sleep, so it’s the first thing I focus on when I’m stressed (because it’s the first thing interrupted under these conditions). I used to think being busy meant you didn’t sleep, but I realized how destructive that was on my body and mind. I can handle much more and make better decisions more quickly when I’m well-rested.  

Share My Struggles

If things get hard to manage, I speak up. Sharing what’s stressing me out with people I trust and who are willing to listen helps me organize my feelings and emotions in a productive way. This helps me avoid impulsive behaviors I tend to lean into when I’m stressed, such as careless spending, eating too much junk food that only makes me feel worse, or being negative toward people I care about.  

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