How Working Alongside a Pet Can Bring Greater Wellbeing to Your Life

Around 45% of people surveyed for the State of Remote Work survey indicated that they were working from home owing to the current global health situation. Around 97.6%, meanwhile, said that they would like to work remotely – at least some of the time – on a permanent basis. For pet lovers, this working arrangement can be no less than a godsend, since it enables them to keep their pets company throughout the day. If you are already enjoying working from your home office or home desk with Fido by your side, what benefits can you reap that promote better health and wellbeing?

Exercising With Your Dog Benefits You Too

People who work remotely alongside dogs or cats usually plan their day well to ensure they strike the right balance between office work and their responsibilities as a pet owner. Just a few activities most schedule in include exercise time, play time, and training time (to teach their dog new tricks). Particularly in the case of dog owners, these activities can have many physical and mental health benefits. Research by the American Heart Association showed, for instance, that dog ownership is linked to a 33% and 24% lower risk of early death for heart and stroke survivors respectively. Other studies have shown that dog ownership results in owners undertaking more exercise (owing to the need for daily walks). Simply heading outside to a park or other green area has many mental health benefits as well. For example, a study published in Frontiers in Psychology showed that taking a few minutes out of your day to be in contact with nature significantly lowers stress hormone levels.

The Calming Effects Of Having A Pet Near

Work can be stressful – even when you’re working from home. Video conferences, deadlines, and time employed chatting to managers and colleagues can make it seem difficult to find a balance between your work and personal life. If you are prone to anxiety or depression, having a dog, cat, or other pet around can soothe symptoms of these conditions. Research undertaken by scientists from the University of Michigan showed that pets help people battle stress and connect with others. As stated by lead researcher, Mary Janevic, “Relationships with pets tend to be less complicated than those with humans, and pets are often a source of great enjoyment.”

Time For Playfulness

For many pet owners, pet ownership can become a hobby – one in which they can put various talents to the test, thus providing a welcome break and distraction from the daily grind. Just a few fun games you can play with your dog include hide and seek (dogs can actually be trained to play this game and enjoy it greatly), outdoor games like frisbee, and tug of war. If you are a DIY builder, why not try your hand at a bespoke agility course for your dog or cat in your yard or indoors? Just a few features you can include are tunnels, jump bars, and weave poles — all of these will keep your pet agile by giving their joints and muscles a good workout.

Remote work can be a big boon for pet owners who have always wished they could spend more time with their pets. Having more time on your hands means more time for exercise, outdoor time, and play time. In order to ensure your pet benefits as well, take time to include training activities as well as activities that are targeted at boosting their health.

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