Enhancing Communication between Physicians and Patients: Smart Board

How Technology Is Changing Patient Care

Large interactive white boards are advancing health care communication.

What is a Smart Board?

Interactive touch-screen smart boards are the next evolution in health care technology. Used as powerful tools in communicating with patients and delivering information, the boards play a role in the entire patient visit, from registration to diagnostic testing. In addition, the boards can be used to teach patients about their specific disease or condition.

Why You Might Need a Smart Board 

Those with compromised vision typically have trouble seeing their charts or diagnostic photos displayed on small computer screens. With the 81-inch interactive Smart Board, doctors can not only enlarge a small tomogram of the retina to four feet wide, they can also show patients a video on what to expect in surgery.

How a Smart Board Works 

With interactive touch-screen displays, Smart Boards allow patients to see their own eyes in ways that were previously not possible. The board can enlarge photos, and allows the doctor to draw on the images for emphasis.

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Former Options 

Prior to using Smart
Boards, doctors demonstrated conditions to patients through charts or on computer
screens. These options proved to be difficult, as image size was limited.

The Perks of a Smart Board 

The benefits of the Smart Board don’t end with delivering information to patients in an easy-to-see way. They also enhance communication between patient and physician. With the Smart Board, medical professionals can bring patients into the conversation and ensure that they are actively involved.

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