Spotlight on Med Rock

This year, the Medical Society Alliance set out to gather talented bands to raise money for the Alliance Scholarship Fund. The twist? Each band was made up of members of the medical community—from ER physicians, to lab techs, to UT resident students and more.

Photos by Med Dement

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What made Med Rock different, though, is that funds went toward scholarships for people connected to the community itself (health care workers and their children).

“We have so many people that work with our medical professionals– from single moms to two-parent working households who are struggling to pay college tuition. It’s hard for people who are working to get help. We proposed that they do this event for their own medical family – not physician’s kids, but kids of nurses, techs, and lab techs, or the professionals themselves,” says Medical Society Alliance chair, Anita Oaks Headrick.

The idea was a hit. “When we started asking bands and surgeons to put this event together, they loved it! It’s such a tight-knit community and they wanted to be a part of it,” says Headrick.

Memorial Hospital served as platinum sponsor of the event, which surpassed $10,000 in funds as the event quickly sold out.

On March 1, five bands participated in Med Rock, with representatives from all of Chattanooga’s hospitals and many doctors’ groups. Bands included Double Trouble, Bluegrass Pharaohs, Dr. Brett Sanders, BandAnna, and Pump Daddies. Concert pianist-turned-plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Brzezienski served as emcee, and house band Still Runnin’ provided sound and instruments.

Med Rock has big plans for the future and already has bands lining up to play their tunes. “We’re shooting for Track 29 or the Tivoli next year,” Headrick says.