Living Well

Oilcloth Tote – $18
By RBT Bags

Reduce your environmental impact by carrying this generously-sized yet lightweight tote instead of paper or plastic bags. Or use it as a gym bag, take it on picnics, fill it up on overnight trips, and more.

RBT Bags


Sea Salt Scrub – $9 for 4 oz.
by Blue Turtle

Organic coconut oil, Dead Sea salt, and essential oils come together to exfoliate and moisturize dry skin in this ocean-inspired scrub.

Blue Turtle

Catch them at the Chattanooga Market each Sunday, too!

Beard Oil – $18 for 1 oz.
by Watauga Wax Co.

This specialty gentleman’s beard oil tames and moisturizes beards with the all-natural scent of peppermint and tea tree oil.

Watauga Wax Co.


All Natural Cheese Straws – $6.20 for 4 oz.
by Betsy’s Cheese Straws

All-natural ingredients and zero preservatives make these savory snacks a much healthier alternative to chips or flavored crackers. Cayenne pepper (known for its vitamin A and dietary fiber content) gives these crisp, smooth straws an extra flavor punch. 

Betsy’s Cheese Straws

Locally owned and made fresh daily!


Balsamic Vinegar – $14 for 8 oz.
by Home Appetit

Rich in antioxidants and low in fat and calories, use this balsamic vinegar as an ideal alternative to fat-laden salad dressings.

Home Appetit

Organic Herbal Tea – $11 for 2 oz.
by Positiffitea

This local company makes it their goal to pass on positivity for a happier mind, body, and spirit. Each organic, herbal blend tea is made from fair trade ingredients and has its own specific healing properties.

(615) 897-4705

Try the Geeky Green Tea for its ability to power your mind with memory-enhancing ginkgo and uplifting peppermint and lemongrass.


Amazing Box – $50
by Haute Cuisine

Get your children interested in cooking healthy, homemade foods with this just-for-kids cooking utensils set. Each box includes mini tongs, a mini whisk, a small chopping board, a potato peeler, healthy spices, and more.

Haute Cuisine