Health in a Minute:Anti-Choking Cheat Sheet

Babies under 12 months:

Avoid round, firm, and/or sticky foods, including: whole nuts and seeds, whole grapes and dried fruit pieces (including raisins), hard or sticky candy, gum, hot dogs, chunks of fruit, meat or cheese, raw fruit and vegetables, honey, peanut butter chunks, and popcorn. Once children are ready for finger foods, make sure the foods are soft or easily gummed.

Kids 1 to 4 years old:

Most of the foods mentioned above are okay at this stage as long as they are properly prepared. Cut fruit and cooked vegetables into small pieces (no wider than a dime), quarter round fruits, halve peanuts, and chop other nuts. Julienne hot dogs and raw vegetables, and spread peanut butter very thinly on crackers or bread. Continue to avoid popcorn, gum, and hard candy.