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Mother and daughter laying on the floor holding lantern string lights pointing at the ceiling

10 Tips for Summer Camp Prep

Summer can be an exciting time for your child. Attending a camp gives them a chance to make new friends and explore new topics of

three kids holding a chalk board reading Summer Camp: A Parent's Guide

Summer Camp: A Parent’s Guide

Making the Most of Your Child’s Experience A nationwide rite of passage, summer camp is a great opportunity for children to have new and unique experiences

kids wearing life vests paddling a kayak

Top Benefits of Summer Camp

Why Camp is Great for Children (and Their Parents) You may be thinking summer camp is just a way to get your kids out of

happy little boy with skateboard

Fostering Uniqueness

Learn How to Parent Your Children Based on Their Individual Personalities Gena and Ed Ellis have three children, ages 21, 16, and 13. “We were

kids in kayak with camp counselor

Local Summer Camp Profiles – Summer 2020

Silverdale Baptist Academy Summer Camps Silverdale Summer Camps provides children from preschool through 12th grade with opportunities for discovery and growth. Both morning and afternoon

little kids excited about going to summer camp

Happy Campers!

While going to a summer camp will be fun for your child, the majority of children who attend camp experience some level of anxiety and

kids paddling on a lake during summer camp

A Parents’ Guide to Camp

A rite of passage, summer camp is a time for kids to build confidence, make memories, and create lifelong friendships. In order to ensure your child

children swimming in the pool at summer camp

The Benefits of Camp

More than a mainstay of the childhood experience, summer camp offers a myriad of mental, emotional, and physical benefits for your child. Not only that,

little girl in jeans and sneakers holding a teddy bear playing dress up in a wedding dress raising respectful significant others in chattanooga

Raising Respectful Significant Others

Not long ago, someone shared with me that her young adult daughter was complaining that there are no guys who are “marriage material.” Interestingly, I

karlene claridy and her children standing outside together in chattanooga healthy happy family

Encouraging Healthy Hobbies

According to the Child Development Institute, hobbies are an essential part of children’s development. They help children find ways to express themselves, discover their strengths and

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