The Sound of Science

Equipped with advanced features and user-friendly technology, today’s devices are transforming daily life for the hard of hearing.




Bluetooth/Wireless Hearing Aids

Bluetooth or wireless hearing aids can connect to electronic devices up to 30 feet away, making them particularly effective for older adults with mobility issues.
When connected to an iPhone, incoming calls can stream directly to both ears. These calls are much more clear. Both the iPhone and Droid can adjust the volume, minimize background noise, and locate missing hearing aids.
When connected to a TV, the technology allows users to hear a program with greater clarity. External volume can even be muted while the hearing-impaired individual watches a program.
When connected to an FM system, the technology allows users to hear a speaker clearly even when sitting or standing at a distance.

Extended-Wear Hearing Aids

Well-suited for active older adults, extended-wear hearing aids are practically invisible and can be worn for a month to six weeks without being removed. These hearing aids are placed in the hearing canal by a hearing specialist, making them maintenance-free – users don’t need to worry about daily placement or weekly battery charges. Users can also feel free to wear them while sleeping, showering, and engaging in recreational activities.

Custom Electronic Hearing Protection

For musicians, concert-goers, hunters, shooters, and others at high risk of noise-induced hearing loss, new electronic devices offer better protection without sacrificing comfort or sound quality. Custom earplugs fit comfortably in your ear, and unlike foam earplugs, they preserve the sounds you want while minimizing damage. Similarly, today’s custom earphones not only protect your ears, but offer walkie-talkie style communication for people working in dangerously loud environments. Some even allow users to listen to music or audio while in a noisy spot.


(above) Halo 2, Starkey’s newest made-for-iPhone hearing aid, is engineered to connect wirelessly with any Apple device. The corresponding TruLink App allows users to receive phone calls, adjust sound levels, stream audio, and more. Photo Courtesy of Starkey Hearing Technologies