Strengthening Your Core

Benefits of Strengthening Your Core

Bending, reaching, and even walking – every motion your body makes either originates in, or moves through, your core. Because of this, keeping your core muscles strong can contribute to a myriad of body-healthy benefits. Here are a few:

What is Your Core?

The core is a complex series of muscles which includes everything besides your arms and legs. Your core muscles are the muscles around your trunk and pelvis.

Back Pain Relief – Chronic lower back pain affects up to 31 million Americans at any given time. But exercise that promotes well-balanced core muscles can potentially prevent this nagging, aching pain. Not only can core exercises prevent back pain, but they’re also often prescribed to relieve back pain.

Better Balance and Stability – Your core is your body’s stabilizer, so exercising it to its tip-top shape can lower your risk of falling or losing your balance in certain situations.

Improved Posture – Slouching is a side effect of weak core muscles. Strengthening the core will not only lessen the burden on your spine by putting an end to slouching, it can also help you look more confident and put together.

Toned Abs – If you’re looking to lose a few extra pounds, an aerobic activity is your best bet. But, if you want to tone and define your abs, core strengthening exercises are the ticket.

Smiling, fit lady doing side planks

With all the positive benefits of a strong core, you may be wondering what types of exercises can help you achieve it. The good news is, core exercises don’t require any fancy equipment or even a trip to the gym. Exercises like back bridges, sit-ups, pushups, and  using free weights can strengthen your core and can be done anywhere on your own.

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