Move More, Feel Better

A Guided, At-Home Workout

“More movement with more variety and frequency goes a long way toward feeling better in your body. Our culture sits a lot – but moving often throughout the 15-18 hours you’re awake (instead of packing everything into an hour-long workout) creates a more well-rounded, movement-rich life. These four exercises are designed to move parts of you that might not get moved too much during a normal day. While these exercises can be done together, also try breaking them up and threading them throughout your day!” – Sydney Craig, owner at Pilates Tonic

Mid-Back Wall Push-ups

Place your hands on a wall at arm’s distance with hands slightly higher and wider than your shoulders and fingers spread wide. Keep hands sealed to the wall, with shoulders down and shoulder blades wide. Slowly lower your elbows to the wall with elbows pointing toward the floor. To return, see if you can feel your mid-back pulling you away from the wall versus pushing with your hands. Repeat 5-8 times, or as many times as you’re able to keep shoulders down and shoulder blades wide.

Thoracic Stretch

Place your hands on a wall in the same position as the wall push-up, and then take a small step back. Begin to hinge at your hips, keeping legs straight, and reach your rear end back until your hips are behind your feet (allow hands to slide down the wall if you need to, but stop before your lower back starts to round). Keeping hands sealed on the wall, reach your chest and armpits toward the floor and allow your head to hang through your arms.

Doorframe Side Stretch

Stand next to a doorframe holding on at shoulder height with the hand closest to the frame. Reach your opposite arm overhead, and slightly in front of your face, to also hold onto the frame. Slowly lean your torso away from your feet and hands, creating a crescent moon shape with your body, and breathe into your side for several inhales and exhales. Then step to the other side of the doorframe, and repeat on the other side.

Doorframe Squat

Hold on to a doorframe with one hand while placing your feet hip-distance apart and pointing forward. Begin to hinge at your hips, reaching back with your rear end first, and then bend your knees. Keep your knees over your ankles and rear end reaching back, lightly using the doorframe for balance. Hold for 30 seconds, and then sink your heels into the floor as you stand.

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