Maegan Million’s At-Home Muscular Endurance Workout

Workout With a Local

This full-body workout is all about building muscular endurance and can be performed virtually anywhere! Removing the added challenge of dumbbells or barbells encourages you to focus on moving optimally through each movement. This ultimately sharpens your form when you load or progress the exercises down the road. Each of these movements can be scaled up or down, depending on your ability level. Perform each move for the recommended number of reps with 30-60 seconds of rest in between for 3-5 rounds.”

Bench Tricep Dips

Sit down on a bench, with your hands next to your thighs. (You can also perform this move off a stair or other elevated surface.)

Walk your feet out and extend your legs, lift your bottom off the bench, and hold there with extended arms.

Bending at the elbow, lower your body down as far as you can go, or until your arms form a 90-degree angle.

Push up through your palms back to start.

Focus on keeping your elbows pointing straight behind you and your body as close to the bench as possible as you dip down.

Perform 8-10 reps.

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Incline Push-Ups

Use an object like a counter, couch, or ottoman to create an incline with your body.

Support your body on your toes with legs and arms straight.

Lower your chest by bending your elbows.

Keep your glutes squeezed and your core braced.

Elbows should create a 45-degree angle with the torso.

Push back up to straight arms, returning to your starting position.

Perform 8-10 reps.

Lateral Lunge

Start standing with feet together and hands by your sides.

Step one foot out to the side, and slowly descend toward the floor by pushing your hips backward.

While keeping your knee aligned with your foot and hip, push yourself back up to a standing position.

Perform 10-12 reps on each leg.

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Single-Leg Hamstring Curl With Slider

Begin lying on your back with your feet on a pair of sliders. (You can also perform this move with disposable plates, frisbees, or furniture sliders.)

Your legs should be bent at the knees and feet hip-width apart.

Brace your core, and squeeze your backside to lift your hips into a bridge position.

Keep your hips up and slowly extend one knee until it is straight, then return to your starting position.

Perform 10-12 reps on each leg.

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Quadruped Shoulder Taps

Start on all fours, hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips, with your core braced.

Elevate your knees 1-2 inches above the ground and stabilize yourself, putting equal pressure through both hands and both feet.

In a controlled manner, lift your left hand off the floor and tap your right shoulder.

Alternate tapping your hand to the opposite shoulder while keeping your hips squared and minimizing any shifting.

Perform 12-16 total reps.

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