Local Summer Camp Profiles 2023

local summer camp profile 2023 | baylor summer camps

Off to Camp! Baylor Summer Camps Families have enjoyed Baylor Summer Camps for decades! Baylor’s 690-acre campus and facilities allow for a wide array of activities to match individual skills and interests, and Baylor faculty, coaches, and counselors have expertise in working with children in a safe and nurturing environment. From the family-favorite Raider Days […]

Project Access

project access | illustration of stethoscope with heart

For people in Southeast Tennessee who fall ill and have no health insurance and no place to turn to for treatment, Project Access can provide a second chance at life and health. Project Access is a nonprofit coordinated-care network of doctors, hospitals, healthcare providers, and community clinics that provides donated healthcare for residents in low-income […]

Ask the Doctor: Winter 2022

ask the doctor winter 2022 | smiling woman with curly hair and wearing pink turtleneck sweater

Q. I’d like to have my teeth whitened, but I’m nervous because they’re already a bit sensitive to hot and cold. Is it safe for me to try whitening? A. Yes, it is perfectly safe to whiten healthy teeth, even ones that are temperature sensitive. The process is essentially allowing the teeth to temporarily dehydrate […]

Health in a Minute: Office Organization & Seasonal Depression

office organization | illustration of organized office desk

Organize Your Way to a Better Workday There are clear benefits to organizing and decluttering your workspace. With fewer visual stimuli to distract your brain, you may be able to focus better and get work done more efficiently. There’s also the element of control – the more in control you feel over your environment and […]

Health in a Minute: Overstimulation & HPV Vaccine Facts

overstimulation | illustration of woman overwhelmed and stressed

Overloaded & Overwhelmed Overstimulation is the result of difficulty processing sensory input. It can happen to both children and adults, though it’s more common in people with conditions like anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, and autism. Sensory information like sounds, smells, physical sensations (food textures or clothing tags), or lights and movements all compete for your brain’s […]

Health in a Minute: Healthy Rewards & Merry Meltdowns

Kid having meltdown

Ready, Set, Reward! It’s easy to reach for a snack or dessert as a reward for your child’s good behavior or accomplishment, but doing so may contribute to an unhealthy relationship with food. Food-based rewards send the message that they can rely on food to deal with their emotions, rather than view it as simply […]

Health in a Minute: Back Pain & High Blood Pressure

high blood pressure | man looking at his blood pressure

Bend So You Don’t Break Whether it’s from an injury or just a normal aspect of aging, back pain can be difficult to deal with. Here are some tips to help you prevent this pesky problem: Stretch often, and especially before participating in a physical activity or chore like packing and moving, deep cleaning, or […]

Health in a Minute: Choosing Conditioner & Fall Yardwork Safety

fall yardwork safety | Lawnmower

Choosing Conditioner for Your Hair Type While you do need both shampoo and conditioner to have healthy hair, they do different jobs, so leave those 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners behind. You should choose your shampoo based on your scalp condition (dry vs. oily). Your conditioner restores the moisture that shampoo strips from your hair, so […]

Health in a Minute: Family Conversation Starters & Bento Boxes

family conversation starters | Family walking together

Talk to Me Fall can be an exhausting season as you establish new school and work routines, but it’s important to connect with your family – whether it’s over dinner, during the ride home from school, or on a walk around the neighborhood. Here are some fun questions to help get your family talking. If […]

Health in a Minute: Kids On the Guest List & Online Friendships

kids in the guest list | Two kids in wedding

Kids on the Guest List For parents of young children, navigating events like weddings, family reunions, or even a simple day out of the house can be nerve-wracking. Here are some tips to help you and your young one enjoy autumn outings. Talk about it. New experiences can be overwhelming for young kids, but talking […]

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